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Resumé, Portfolio & Clientèle

McK66 Productions founder, Sean McKernan, has been involved in programming for the Internet since 1998, and has various forms of computer experience dating back to the 1970's. The return to the computer field was prompted by first-hand exposure to the wonders of the World Wide Web alongside musical band-mates, (see "Music Background"...) who were (are) serious coders and graphic designers in their own right, and who graciously became Sean's mentors/advisors amidst the pressing workloads of their own careers.

Eventually, McK66 Productions Website Service Center came into being - originally providing PHP/MySQL scripting for the small businesses of Sean's band-mates, yet continously growing and gaining a wide variety of knowledge through McKernan's six-plus years as a Web Producer at Bryant University in Rhode Island and his work as a freelance programmer for various individuals and small businesses.

Resumé Portfolio

These days, McK66 Productions Website Service Center offers far more than the basic scripting that launched the company. Take a look at our various products and services, and feel free to contact us for further information. We would be honored to have you as a client!

A sampling of past & present clients of McK66 Productions Website Service Center would include:

  • Apeiron Institute for Environmental Living
  • BearPaws WebWorks
  • Bryant University
  • Craighead
  • Domain Registration Systems
  • Groccia Family of Cranston, RI
  • Living Abroad
  • Perfetto Family of North Haven, CT
  • Progressive Secretary
  • Rayne Family of Greene, NY
  • SprintOut
  • Thoughtful Astrology
  • Trinkle Design
  • World Wide Web Developers (

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